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LUSADA Corporation

The Premier Investment Vehicle for Diaspora Africans and a key source of both social and financial capital businesses across the African continent.

Avoiding Remittance Taxes

Some African countries provide foreign investors incentives by way of tax breaks while at the same time tax diaspora remittances. Lusada Corporation provides an avenue for Diaspora Africans to invest in their home countries while benefiting from the foreign investor incentives and avoiding the remittance taxes and fees
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Leveraging foreign residency

Foreign investors have the protection of international law against unfair appropriation of their investments. Commercial and investment personnel in Embassies look out for firms operating in their stations. Diaspora Africans investing as locals incur both social and economic costs of being absent. LUSADA provides a vehicle to solve local social challenges while having the protection of foreign residency and citizenship
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Antihill of the savana

Retaining the power of remittances

Home countries love remittances by diaspora but hate any involvement of their diaspora citizens in local affairs. Foreign investors have more say in the running of home country affairs than diaspora citizens who hand over their hard earned money by way of remittances. LUSADA Corporation is a DAM built across the river of remittances to generate power for the diaspora citizens.
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Targeted Community Investment

In order to solve societal challenges specifically in the “forgotten cities” while creating value for our investors to build relationships with partners and communities for the long term.
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LUSADA Corporation: Who We Are

LUSADA Corporation operates out of Allentown PA, USA. The Corporation takes investment from Kenyans in the diaspora and invests in Kenya, Africa, and the world at large. The founders look at LUSADA Corporation as a DAM constructed across the river of diaspora remittance flows allowing for POWER generation for the diaspora and targeted mutually beneficial investment of the remittances.

Business Focus


Safe and Secure Organization of Diaspora Remittances


To be the Premier Investment Vehicle for Diaspora Africans


To optimize the social and financial capital of diaspora Africans applying both their affiliation to Africa and attachment to their adopted countries to convert capital into mutually beneficial enterprises retaining the advantages of their home countries while drawing on the foreign investor incentives of their old countries.


Our business strategy is built on being the Premier Investment Vehicle for Diaspora Africans and a key source of both social and financial capital businesses across the African continent.

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LUSADA Corporation is currently accepting membership registration. To qualify as a member, one has to have an affiliation to Kenya or be an accredited investor. An accredited investor is someone who earned $200,000 ($300,000 for joint filers) in the recent two years and expects to continue earning the same.

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Roselyne C Omari

CEO & Chairperson

Roselyne is the CEO and one of the  founders of LUSADA corporation. She is very involved in community organizations among the African immigrant community including CAMLEV, KCNE and The Anchor for Immigrants. Besides LUSADA, she  runs her business and is a loving parent. Roselyne has worked for the US Army in Germany and in the logistics unit  for  Friends shipping Services”

Dr. David F Amakobe DBA

Deputy Chair & Advisor

David serves as advisor to various entities. David sits on the Board of LUSADA Corporation for African Wood Inc. He sits on the supervisory committee of DEXSTA Federal Credit union, runs W500G Inc  a contract research organization focused on equity in research data used in establishing social norms and baselines. All said and done, his grandchildren provide the greatest joy!

Paul Akengo

Director - Treasury

Paul is a senior technology professional. He is very dynamic, and he turns out a good fit for any role. He is based in New Jersey, USA. Paul is a calm and composed person. LUSADA Corporation relies critically on its ability to build alliances and partnerships.

Anna Machio

Director - Deputy Treasury

Anna is a go-getter with a focus on what lies ahead. Charming and soft-spoken, Anna is easily approachable and gives excellent counsel. With many years of investment experience, Anna confidently puts her money where she knows it will grow. She is a founding light at LUSADA corporation, where she foresees increasing exponentially in the next few years.

Agnes-Davis Mwangi

Director- Corporate Secretary

Agnes-Davis Mwangi is a very experienced Business Development professional with long experience in Kenya and the United States. Besides being a Director of Lusada Corporation, she serves as the US Local representative for various African Financial institutions working as a liaison between them and African Diaspora in both USA and Canada.

At Lusada Corporation Agnes-Davis has specific responsibilities for communication and investor relations.


Margaret Musamba

Director - Public Relations

Margie, as we call her, is a very vibrant and charming person. She holds a critical role for the LUSADA corporation and is one of the board members that has met and been in touch with each shareholder. Margie lives in Maryland and enjoys family life. She is looking forward to excellent investment outcomes in the corporation.

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LUSADA Corporation looks forward to hearing from Kenyans in the diaspora and their friends. We also are very welcoming to Accredited investors. Please use one of the points of contact provided here



Business Hours

Mon – Fri …… 10 am – 8 pm
Sat, Sun …… Closed


1 (240) 423 – 6426
1 (484) 858 – 0887